About Us

Co-founded by three women who think too much, do too much and generally overcommit.

We formulated skincare to suit our busy lifestyle - packing powerful ingredients, backed by research, into a simple range that's easy to use every day.

We came together over a shared vision for skincare we love that also supports Indigenous suppliers and Australia's environment.


A serial entrepreneur and advocate for Indigeneous communities. As an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Alisha is passionate about using native plants and marine species to support and sustain local communities. In addition to co-founding Thirsty Turtl, she’s the Founder of Faebella, an activewear brand highlighting Indigenous Australians art and Provvy (NFT platform).


With twenty years working in finance and chemistry, first for industrial uses and now in small-batch skincare, Ellen is the scientist behind our thoughtful formulations. Working out of her lab in Tokyo, she’s on a mission to create skin-loving formulas that blend the best of the natural world with clinically-proven skincare ingredients.


Prior to co-founding Thirsty Turtl, Jasmin spent fifteen years working in funds management and sustainable finance. She believes in the power of native plants to promote biodiversity and prevent climate change. In the past, Jasmin has led institutional investment in agriculture, carbon farming and venture capital and is now on a mission to make soil great again.