Cleansing: Poreless is .... priceless!

Cleansing: Poreless is .... priceless!

There's a scene I'll never forget from the classic noughties TV show, Will & Grace. Delivered with her characteristic wit, when a “lady of the night” says to Karen “you have, like, no pores…. How much do you charge?” Karen looks shocked... then retorts “$3,000!”

Ah, the value of porcelain… poreless skin… we think you can’t actually put a price on it, but Karen did! 

But how do you “shrink” pores and improve your skin tone?

1. Beyond Just Cleansing: Understanding pores

Pores aren't just holes; they’re gateways. They release sweat and natural oils, vital for skin health. However, daily exposure to environmental stressors turns these gateways into traps, enlarging them. Consistent cleansing helps reset, ensuring pores are functional, not clogged.

2. Balancing not stripping: Don’t make it worse

Harsh cleansers can strip the skin’s natural protectors and moisturisers. That’s why we use gentle cleansing agents alongside hydrating ingredients like betaine and glycerin. 

3. Avoid known allergens: Often hidden in “natural” cleansers

Lots of cleansers use essential oils that can irritate sensitive skin. Avoid citrus oils such as bergamot and even lavender and coriander! These contain limonene and linanool which are known to irritate sensitive skin.

4. Tap into skin-identical hydrators

After cleansing, it’s not just about slapping on any moisturiser. Consider ingredients like hyaluronic acid or squalane. They mimic our skin's natural moisturising factors, ensuring pores are plump and less visible.

Using a simple, consistent routine of effective but gentle cleansers that restore moisture and nourishing ingredients to hydrate the skin and improve skin texture, can help give you that $3,000 poreless skin 🙂

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