Our Suppliers


Phil and Cherie Thompson are the powerhouse behind Native Secrets. They supply our white cypress wood oil, leaf oil and hydrosol.

Phil is thinning out white cypress forest and restoring biodiversity in the Dubbo region of Central West NSW, Australia. In the process Phil is creating jobs and training up local Indigenous youth.

This wood extract is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and is non-irritating, so its great for sensitive skin. 


This native plant thrives naturally in the Australian desert. So it’s no surprise that it can help your skin with sun damage, hydration, skin barrier repair and more.

We partnered with NATIVE EXTRACTS and they source our Desert Tomato from Dominic Smith, Pundi Produce, an Aboriginal man originally from Yuin country. Dom is operating his eco-conscious farm in the South Australian Riverlands, where he grows native botanicals using eco-conscious practices such as aquaponics, and planting out species to create thriving ecosystems.

Dom has been expanding his farm for over 10 years, including growing desert tomato, rivermint, salt bush, native thyme, wattleseed, sea parsley and more.  Dom's methods save vasts amounts of water compared to normal practices.

Dom plans to scale through mentoring and creating jobs for young Indigenous people in his community to meet the growing demand for native plants from industry sectors like skincare. We are proud that our products will support Dom's vision.