Get to Know Our Intern: Meet Kitty Mari

Get to Know Our Intern: Meet Kitty Mari

We're absolutely thrilled to introduce Kitty Mari, our newest addition to the Thirsty Turtl family! Hailing from the stunning city of Cairns and proudly representing the Torres Strait Islander community, Kitty brings an infectious enthusiasm for digital marketing and a deep passion for skincare.

Let's dive into a conversation with Kitty to uncover more about her journey and what makes her tick!


Q: Hey there, Kitty! It's awesome to have you on board. Can you give us a sneak peek into your background and what is something you are proud of yourself for?

A: Hi! I'm thrilled to be part of the amazing Thirsty Turtl team. Growing up in the Far Northern region of Queensland, between Cairns and Thursday Island in the Torres Strait Islands, has been a remarkable journey. My parents operate a painting business, on Thursday Island and the nearby outer island communities. I come from a large Indigenous family group, but my childhood upbringing was filled with adventures alongside my two older sisters, who now live in the Gold Coast and my younger brothers who attend boarding school in Cairns. My biggest proud moment would be having snagged the role of house captain and receiving a recent award of “Player of the Match” at my very first football carnival in Townsville.

Q: What excites you the most about joining us for your internship? 

A: I've always been interested in skincare and have experimented with different products. But landing this internship is like hitting the jackpot because I'll get to dive deep into the awesome skincare products of Thirsty Turtl. Plus, I'll also get to sharpen my skills in digital marketing. So, that would mean that I will be involved in creating cool online content about skincare on videos, posts, and ads. Also, I’m excited about connecting with others who are also super passionate about skincare and being part of the Thirsty Turtl team.


Q: When you're not busy rocking it in the digital marketing realm, what are some things that light up your world?

A: When I'm not busy, you'll find me outdoors, soaking up the sun and enjoying camping, swimming, boating, quad biking, and playing football with my brothers and friends. These activities inspired me to start experimenting with different skincare products to keep my skin protected and glowing while having fun in the sun!


Q: Share with us a quirky fun fact or a hidden talent that makes you, well, you!

A: Sketching and outdoor adventures with my family are my passions. Nature fuels my creativity, and I thrive on challenges, always pushing myself to be the best I can be in every endeavour.


Q: Lastly, what message do you want to send out to our amazing Thirsty Turtl bale?

A: Join me on this journey where we can make a difference and create a world where everyone feels confident and beautiful in their own skin. I really appreciate the chance to learn and grow with Thirsty Turtl as it means a lot to me to be part of the Thirsty Turtl crew!

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