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Article: The Korean Skincare Ritual: Is It a Hero or a Hype?

The Korean Skincare Ritual: Is It a Hero or a Hype?

The Korean Skincare Ritual: Is It a Hero or a Hype?

It’s almost impossible not to mention skincare without someone mentioning ‘Korean skincare’ or ‘K-beauty’. A lot of my friends and I as we get older are starting to become a lot more health conscious and a few of them are absolutely obsessed with Korean skincare. In fact, one of my friends who is a digital nomad, working for a tech company and based out of the Philippines regularly travels to Korea purely to purchase Korean skincare products!

So I wanted to do a deep dive into ‘K beauty’ to find out for myself what the hype is about especially knowing my Korean skincare obsessed friend spends up to 1 hour applying her skincare routine! Is the 10-step procedure necessary, or can you have amazing skin with a less complicated method? For those familiar with Thirsty Turtl, a 10 step skincare routine is definitely not what we’re about! But should we be?

‘K-Beauty’, the colloquial term for the Korean skincare regimen, places a strong emphasis on hydrating, stacking particular products, and gently washing to address various issues. Below is a summary I found online of the usual steps:

Oil Cleaning: Using oil-based cleansers, this method gets rid of sunscreen and makeup.

Water-Based Cleanser: A second cleansing uses a water-based product to get rid of contaminants.

Exfoliation: Usually done twice or three times a week, gentle exfoliation gets rid of dead skin cells.

Toners: Toners are used as an optional extra step in cleansing and moisturising.

Essence: Hydrating, lightweight essences prepare skin for serum application.

Serum: Targeted issues like wrinkles and hyperpigmentation are addressed with concentrated serums.

Sheet masks: When applied multiple times a week, sheet masks offer a concentrated dose of nutrients or hydration that targets the sensitive area beneath the eyes.


And also Sunscreen: A must-have for regular UV protection!

Apparent advantages of Korean Skincare Practices:

Deep Cleaning: The double cleaning completely gets rid of pollutants.

Hydration Focus: A plump, dewy complexion is encouraged by layering hydrating products.

Targeted Approach: Specific skin issues are addressed by serums.

Calm Ritual: The ritual can serve as a luxurious form of self-care.

Cons to Take Into Account:

Time Commitment: Especially for people with hectic schedules, a 10-step programme can take a lot of time. And if you are a person like me with a lot of energy who loves doing a lot in a day, a 10-step routine can feel like a huge bummer!

Cost factor: Purchasing several hyped goods may be costly.

Potential Irritation: Sensitive skin may become irritated by excessive product layering.

Suitability for Skin Type: Not all skin types will benefit from this practice (for example, oily skin may not require layering).

Does the Korean Skincare Routine Make Sense for You?

The Korean approach offers valuable insights, but it doesn’t seem to be a one-size-fits-all solution. Apparently you should consider these factors before diving in:

Your Skin Type: The routine might be overwhelming for sensitive or oily skin.

Your Budget: K-Beauty products can be pricey.

Your Lifestyle: Do you have time for a multi-step routine? Patience? I already know I don’t! 

As our community knows, at Thirsty Turtl, we believe in "skinimalism" – achieving healthy skin with a few, well-formulated products. We offer a minimalist routine that caters to busy individuals who value simplicity and effectiveness. 

Simplified Routine: Our core routine focuses on cleansing, moisturizing, and sun protection.

Multi-Functional Products: Our products serve multiple purposes, reducing the number of steps needed.

Gentle and Effective: All skin types can benefit from our premium ingredients.

Sustainable Approach: Less trash equals fewer items.

The lesson: Pay attention to your skin

In the end, the skincare regimen that suits you best is the most optimal one. A minimalist approach might be more appropriate for some people, even though the Korean approach offers useful techniques. Try new things, pay attention to your skin, and determine what suits your lifestyle and provides you with happy, healthy skin!

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