Why do we think Desert Tomato, Green Tea and 5% Niacinamide is the perfect combination?

Why do we think Desert Tomato, Green Tea and 5% Niacinamide is the perfect combination?

What goes into making a great combination? Research, some intuition and then a great deal of testing and tweaking.

We wanted our Desert Glow Brightening Gel-Crème to be a hydrating, brightening burst in the morning that combines a serum with a moisturiser.

We asked what your key skin concerns were – dryness, redness, sun damage, pigmentation and general dullness - and incorporated this into our formulation. We set to work to create a one-stop product to address all of these concerns in a simple, fast-drying daily application. 

So why did we land on our combination of desert tomato, 5% niacinamide and green tea?

  1. Desert tomato – a new and exciting native Aussie plant extract packed with multi-phenolic compounds to address hydration, skin brightening and protection from premature ageing. We love desert tomato so much we dedicated a whole blog post about it (here).
  2. 5% niacinamide – a well know skincare ingredient for good reason. AKA Vitamin B3 (the “appearance” vitamin) this skincare superstar does it all. An anti-inflammatory that is great for sensitive skin; and can brighten, stimulate collagen, strengthen the skin barrier. And when used at 5% - proven to work on hyperpigmentation.
  3. Green Tea – contains catechin, a more powerful antioxidant than Vitamin C and Vitamin E for protection from UV damage and improving the appearance of sun damaged skin. Green tea also has powerful skin soothing and brightening properties. Overall a fantastic antioxidant to work synergistically with desert tomato.

We set about testing various concentrations for our Desert Glow Brightening Gel-Crème with a mix of fast absorbing emollients and hydrating humectants. The results are in! An instant glow - and with consistent use - a more even, smooth skin appearance. Time to ditch the foundation for good!

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