Why I started this Purpose-driven Skincare Brand: Sourcing from Indigenous-Australian Farmers

Why I started this Purpose-driven Skincare Brand: Sourcing from Indigenous-Australian Farmers

I have always been interested in the extraordinary information that has been passed down from our ancestors as a proud Indigenous Australian. Our knowledge is genuinely unmatched, from the manner in which we obtained local flora and marine materials to comprehension of the traits and advantages of these ingredients. This is why I made the decision to start a skincare company that honours and highlights the beauty and potency of Indigenous Australian ingredients, supports regional farmers, and protects our cultural history.

The emphasis is frequently on exotic, imported substances in the cosmetics industry. But many people are unaware that some of the best components for glowing, healthy skin may be found right here in our own backyard in Australia. These nutrients have been used for millennia by Indigenous Australians to nourish their bodies, care for their skin, and preserve their general health. And now, via Thirsty Turtl, which I was thrilled to launch with my amazing co-founders, Ellen and Jasmin, I am pleased to share these same components with the globe.

Each of our products is painstakingly made with the finest marine and plant natives, some of which are purchased directly from Indigenous Australian farmers. As a matter of fact, we are the first skincare company to use desert tomato, a plant with insanely potent chemicals that work as a powerful antioxidant, in our products. Because it moisturises the skin and has anti-inflammatory effects, desert tomato can help to protect your skin from the sun and other environmental pressures.

We carefully choose each of our ingredients based on their special qualities and advantages. Additionally, by collaborating closely with farmers, we are maintaining traditional methods and disseminating this age-old knowledge to the world while also assisting in improving farmers' lives.

I also wanted to show off the amazing wisdom that Australian Indigenous people had to impart when I created this brand. The beauty of our culture has been disregarded and neglected for far too long. But now that we have this skincare company, we can showcase our full potential for the globe. Modern research and formulation, along with our components, have resulted in skincare products that are not only efficient but also ethical and sustainable.

I'm delighted to offer a skincare line that not only works well but also helps regional farmers and promotes and maintains Indigenous Australian culture. I want to have a positive impact on our community as well as the rest of the globe by sharing our knowledge and customs with the world.

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